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Lie detector
test in Fresno!
Call 818 883-6969
for a polygraph test
in Fresno today!

No charge for a referral to an examiner that covers Fresno!

polygraph test in Fresno

Experienced polygraph
examiners in Fresno

schedule a polygraph test in Fresno

The most common
polygraph tests
in Fresno are for:

-- relationship

-- theft/loss

-- abuse

-- and many topics that are answerable
with a Yes or a No

best lie detector in Fresno

Clovis polygraph
test near me

A Fresno
lie detector test
measures the
changes to
your blood,
sweat and
as you answer
a series of
Yes or No

Expert polygraph test in Fresno

Madera polygraph
test near me

During a Fresno
lie detector test,
your stomach, chest,
arm and fingers
will have sensors
on them.

Fresno polygraph offices

Hanford polygraph
test near me

All Fresno
lie-detector tests follow proven
Federal guidelines
which allow
the client to
write 1 to 4
Yes or No
questions to be
the main focus
of your personal
lie detector test

polygraph test near me in Fresno

Visalia polygraph
test near me

If your Fresno
lie detector test
is about doubts
in your relationship,
don't say 'slept with'
if you mean 'sex'.
Be very precise
with the questions.
For best accuracy:
No 'ands', 'ors'
or commas.
3 to 19 words each
question works best.

Fresno California polygraph test near me

Coalinga polygraph
test near me

A 45-second
video that explains

how a Fresno
polygraph test

will happen!

Free consultation
at 818 883-6969

in Fresno
follow the same Federally-approved formats
; be sure to
answer Yes or No
with your mouth
only (no head nodding or body movement)


Testing is available
7 days a week

No charge for
a referral to a
Fresno polygraph examiner


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Fresno polygraph
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